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mr sudhir seth

Mr. Sudhir Seth


Famous last names are common. But Sudhir Seth’s first name powers a brand. His eponymous Gurgaon based company, Sudhir Power Ltd, is one of India’s largest generator manufacturer & power equipment company.

Born on May 1953, New Delhi, Mr. Sudhir Seth is a first generation expert and business leader, who founded the organization more than 4 decades ago. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Administration majoring in economics and a Masters in Business Administration.

His broad & clear vision with a strong determination has been the force behind making the organization truly diverse & professional, thus making “SUDHIR” a brand synonymous with complete generators & electrical solutions.

The relationship & collaborations with world leaders like Cummins, Schneider Electric, and Dupont, gives the organization a competitive edge in the marketplace leading to a high market share.

The 1,500 Crore company’s trademark; bright green gensets are ubiquitous across India. Much of the city’s best known buildings and infrastructure such as Medanta Medicity, Delhi Metro stations, Parliament House have been powered by SUDHIR.

His king sized ambitions are very much evident with moving forward the company to grow from Generation, Distribution to Electrification, with 8 manufacturing facilities spanning the length of the country from Jammu to Bangalore producing various electrical equipment’s across the vertical. Yet he believes he’s just scratching the surface, even as many people his age begin to think of slowing down.

mr rahul seth

Mr. Rahul Seth

Managing Director

Rahul Seth, is a second generation Business entrepreneur of a company founded around 4 decades ago. He boasts an Executive Degree from Harvard Business School, MBA from Cardiff University, UK and Bachelor’s in Commerce from Delhi University.

He is credited as power man of Sudhir as he has brought the company among the top most preferred group which offers a wide range of Electrical equipment ranging from Power Generation, Distribution to Electrification.

In 2006-07, under his guidance many new strategies were formulated, innovative marketing plans were made, and strategic alliances were done, that made Sudhir group grew by almost 50% that year.

Due to his continuous efforts & focused approach Sudhir has expanded its business from gensets to electrical contracts, did first acquisition of a leading Transformer company “Sudhir Intravidyut Ltd. in Bangalore, and also set up a new plants in Jammu.

Under his leadership & guidance, Sudhir has powered India’s most prestigious projects and institutes such as Delhi Metro, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Supreme Court, Parliament house, AIIMS hospitals etc. His success stories has been published by many leading magazines.