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At a Glance
  • Dry type & Cast resin upto 10MVA, 33 kV class
  • 1st company to manufacture Dry Type/Cast Resin Transformers
  • Technical collaboration with Dupont, USA
  • Design tested at CPRI as per IS 2026, IS 11171, IEC 60726 & CBIP
  • ISO 9001:2000 accredited by UKAS
  • Proven high product reliability
  • Approved with all leading consultants & major supplies to steel plants & thermal power plants
MLRE Dry Type Transformer

HV & LV wound coils are separated by means of fiber glass cylinders & supported on the frame by special porcelain supports. HV coils are made in disc form, using enameled & fiberglass covered copper strips.

All conductors are treated with Polyesteramide resin during covering stage to achieve inter-turn di-electric strength of 6-8KV & eliminating trapped mechanical forces during the thermal operating cycle.

Product Range
  • Dry Type Transformers upto 4MVA, 11KV class
  • Oil Type Transformers upto 20MVA, 33KV class
  • Multi Tap Transformers upto 24taps
  • Reactors & Chokes
  • Converter Duty Transformers
Salient Features of MLRE Dry Type Transformers
  • Maintenance free
  • No trapped mechanical forces, improving the thermal operation
  • Maximum heat dissipation
  • Higher resistance to Short circuit forces using Disc wound coils having self - locking property
  • No Partial Discharge, as max voltage appearing at any part of the winding is limited to the turn to turn
  • Maximum creepage available in coils
  • Better monitoring of hot spot temperature
  • Least amount of combustible materials
  • Does not emit toxic and blinding smoke in the event of a fire
Cast Resin Type Transformer
  • 11 KV & 33 KV transformers with rated power upto 20 MVA
  • Rectifier convertor duty Transformers
  • Transformer for photovoltaic and wind power plants
  • Transformer for AC/DC conversion for industrial application and electric traction
  • Lighting Transformers

Power Distribution Chart