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Cast Resin Transformer
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation(VPI)

A full range of dry-type transformers with primary voltages through 72.5 kV built according to all major standards including IS, IEC and ANSI. are offered to minimize environmental contaminaon and fire hazard. These transformers meet strict parameters with respect to electrical system demands and funconing in areas with extreme climac condions. The dry-type transformers are moisture-proof, suitable for operaon in humid or heavily polluted environments. They are the ideal for operaon in environments with humidity higher than 95 % as well as at temperatures down to -25 °C. There is less space and less civil work needed, no special safety features are required (fire detecon). They are maintenance free and extended life is due to low thermal and dielectric ageing. Looking at these advantages customers are specifying dry-type transformers more frequently.

VPI Dry Type Transformer

HV & LV wound coils are separated by means of fiber glass cylinders & supported on the frame by special porcelain supports. HV coils are made in disc form, using enameled & fiberglass covered copper strips.

All conductors are treated with Polyesteramide resin during covering stage to achieve inter-turn di-electric strength of 6-8KV & eliminating trapped mechanical forces during the thermal operating cycle.

Salient Features of VPI Dry Type Transformers
  • These state of art Transformers provide the best soluons in the most demanding applicaons.
  • Insulaon offered is class F ( 115 C ) class H ( 145 C ) & class C ( 200C )
  • Minimum paral discharge
  • High mechanical & short circuit strength
  • Resistant to dust and humidity
  • Safe equipment which can be placed closed to the load
  • Flexibility invariable load situaons
  • Reduced size & weight or beer space ulizaon
  • Maintenance free under normal condions
  • Comply to IEC 60076-11 & 11171-1985
  • Comply to latest ECBC norms

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