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Scissor Lift Rental in India

Why Scissor Lift on Hire?

Scissor lift is a machine made to move personnel and equipment in a vertical direction. These lifts can handle any application that would normally require a ladder, tower or scaffolding. Scissor lifts enable operators to complete the same jobs faster and more securely without the setup time of other equipment, such as scaffolding or a tower, and without the dangerous instability of a ladder

Based on demand, Sudhir rentals offers many different types of scissor lifts. Due to budgetary constraints, many a times customers do not want self propelled but need the height to be reached with low investment. Mtandt offers machines well within the reach of the even small contractors, simple push-around types which are economical to procure and maintain as well. We also offer the midrange self propelled scissor lifts, and the high end ones with add on features, thereby catering to all sections of the buyers. For some specialised applications which call for both AC powered and DC powered prime movers, we offer a completely different range with heights going as much as 30m. We quite possibly offer the widest range of scissor lifts in the country. Added to this is the high calibre technicians with diagnostic capabilities, the users derive the highest benefit for the products and services offered by us.

The usage of these machines is not restricted to a single process and can be used for a host of Installation, Maintenance & Cleaning related activities across different sectors. Some of the recent application done at various sites using our Aerial Platforms:

Mobile, elevated work platform (MEWP)
Aerial work platform (AWP)
Elevated work platform (EWP)

Is renting scissor lifts a good idea?

We have been renting out scissor lifts , both battery operated and engine operated versions. Renting of scissors lifts is certainly a good idea, as many users would like to use for a short period of time. Rather than owning a scissor lift they would prefer to hire it. As we always offer newer and upgraded models ensuring current valid certification, smoother operation, there is a direct effect on the operators comfort and safety ; they deliver a better and quality work output. In the rare event of any technical glitches, standby machines are made available , assuring of uninterrupted work and timely completion of tasks.

Scissor lift rental contracts are available – monthly, or yearly basis longer if needed.

Sudhir Power Rentals provides any kind of boom lift ,scissor lift, or other aerial lift – whether you are looking to buy or rent a machine.

Along with the high ceilings of many structures come tall walls, and they both hold lights, artwork and other objects that must be accessed for maintenance and cleaning. These wide-ranging indoor needs are served by electric scissor lifts, while diesel-powered models can handle outdoor jobs.

If you are hiring a lift from us, its important to consider the key elements
- Environment – Will the lift operate indoors or outdoors?
- Emissions – What is the tolerance for emissions in the work area?
- Temperature – Will its environment be temperature controlled/is weather a factor
- Terrain – What is the terrain like where it will operate?
- Use Frequency – How often will it run, for example continuously or occasionally?
- Travel Distance – How far or how much will the unit need to travel in a day?
- Work Heights – What are the minimum and maximum work heights it will need to reach?
- Air conditioning Equipment and Ducts installation and commissioning.
- Load Weight – How heavy of a load will it need to lift?
- Environment – Will the lift operate indoors or outdoors?

JLG - 3246 ES
  • Warehousing
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Security
  • Truck and rail facilities
  • Working Height : 38 ft
  • Platform Capacity : 700-1000lbs|318-454 kg
  • Machine Width : 46 inches
  • Machine Weight : 4,945lbs|2243kg
JLG – 1930 ES
  • Building maintenance
  • Construction
  • Parking
  • Operation within a hospital, clinic
  • Office or library setting
  • Working Height : 18ft. 9inc. (5.72m)
  • Platform Capacity : 500lbs|227kg
  • Machine Width : 30 inches(76 cm)
  • Machine Weight : 2,685 lb |1,218 kg
Salient Features
  • Simple, maintenance-free, fully enclosed hydraulics
  • Large 65-inch by 115-inch platform
  • Lift-lower time of less than one minute
  • Electric power for no emission and quiet operation
  • 16-foot working height
  • Maximum speed of two miles per hour lowered
  • Two-person capacity
  • Quiet, electric power
  • On time execution
  • Highly reliable
Usage / Application
  • Building maintenance
  • Construction /Retails
  • Renovation Contracting / Painting
  • Chemical processing
  • Rail/ Transportation/ Landscaping
  • Overhead signs/ Mechanic shops/ Parking lot maintenance