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100 KVA - 3500 KVA    Schneider logo
Leaders get together.. Schneider – Sudhir
  • Sudhir under license from Schneider Electric manufactures BIOSCO– Packaged Sub Station (PSS). Sudhir under license from Schneider Electric manufactures BIOSCO– Packaged Sub Station (PSS)
  • BIOSCO design & know-how from Schneider Electric, France
  • BIOSCO design conforming to IEC 62271 – 202
  • Factory built Packaged Sub Station (PSS) for outdoor applications
  • Manufactured at Sudhir, Gurgaon plant, with best manufacturing practices of Schneider.
  • A co-branded product covering the best of products:
    - Schneider Electric
    - LV & MV products -Sudhir
    - Transformers, LV panels & Metal Housings
Substation range upto 33 kV

The Sudhir-Schneider MV/LV prefabricated substation is part of a comprehensive offer of products with consistent design. The PSS is a co-branded product offer covering the best of products from Schneider Electric & Sudhir.

BIOSCO design comes from Schneider Electric, France. All LT & MV electrical distribution products come from Schneider Electric, India. The Transformer, LT panels & Housing are products from Sudhir.

All these products have been designed to operate together to ensure electrical, mechanical and communication compatibility.

Synergy of Schneider-Sudhir are optimized and more efficient: better continuity of supply, enhanced safety for people and equipment, guaranteed upgradeability, effective monitoring and control.

Combined with your know-how and creativity, the Guiding System ensures optimum installations that are dependable, upgradeable and compliant with standards.

Optional Equipment
  • LV metering
  • MV metering
  • Upto 300 kVAR APFC panel
  • Remote interface
  • Remote control of MV switches
  • Monitoring of fault passage indicator
  • Remote monitoring interface (load, alarms, events)
  • Fault passage indicator
Schneider Electric Offering
  • Remote Terminal Unit : Easergy T200
  • Fault Passage Indicator: Easergy Flair
  • Remote monitoring interface:
    Easergy W200
Factory-Built enclosure
  • Factory-built MV/LV substation assemblies meet users' needs with respect to reliability, safety, overall quality, time-savings and appropriateness for the local surroundings (climatic conditions, operating mode, architectural requirements...)
  • 2mm thick painted GI enclosure mounted on a hot dip galvanized 4mm thick GI base.
  • Partitions between compartments with 2mm thick GI sheet.
  • Gasket/ Stiffners provided as required. Internal lighting facility provided.
Schneider Electric & SPL Offering
  • MV/LV prefabricated substation
  • Galvanized steel.
  • BIOSCO substations have successfully passed internal arcing withstand test for 20kA 1s.
  • Access to the MV & LV compartment provided through a double door arrangement.
  • Louvers designed for natural ventilation and thermal class K10.
  • Roof designed to support load upto 250kg/m2.
  • Spaciously designed to have adequate clearance.
  • Degree of protection for MV/LV compartment is IP54 & for transformer compartment IP34.
  • LV interconnection made of Al./CU busbars.
  • Internal earthing with 50x6mm Aluminium or 25x2mm copper busbars.