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Core Behavioural Traits

Organisation encourages & develop employees to practice & exhibit following core behavioural traits.

Team Working

Organisation appreciates that Individual employee’s work & contribute in Team.

Inter Personal Relationship

Organisation believes that employees work without any bias & maintain good relations with each other with no scope for politics or gossip.

Positive Attitude

Organisation encourages employees to display optimism & zeal to achieve goals. Can work under stress situations & deals with problems head on.

People Practices
Talent Management 

We provide career development and growth opportunities to our people both in the Managerial and Technical areas as per employee’s education, capabilities and career aspirations.

Performance driven reward 

We appreciates and recognizes outstanding employee performance / achievements; through performance oriented annual rewards and incentive schemes.

Training & Development 

We work on developing the skill-set and competencies of our people and regularly train employees in technical and soft-skills to help them enhance their capabilities and performance.

Talent Acquisition 

Talent acquisition is done through job portals, advertisements, consultants and campus recruitment of GET/DET/MTs.

Corporate Governance & Safety 

We strongly believe in corporate governance & safety. This reflects in our meeting all legal compliances with respect to organizational working & safety compliances.